Where Is The Grass Greener?

How many times have we heard that the grass is always greener on the other side? It’s one of the single most depressing sayings out there. What it posits is that, regardless of how much you have or how happy you are, it’s not enough. Now, I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity for improvement, no matter how charitable or successful or devout. And while perfection is certainly unattainable (despite what TV and magazines tell you), that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to better yourself. Which is why this caught my eye recently:

Green Grass

This pretty much sums up what this site is all about – focusing on yourself and how you can improve and grow and learn. How you can be happy with what you’ve got and appreciate your blessings, rather than looking longingly over your neighbour’s wall.

Yes, that’s all great in theory, but how can you do it? It’s simple, really: you just sit down and figure out your priorities. What really matters to you? Is it your job, your family, your health? Maybe it’s all of those things. Now think of ways to “water” them. Start small.

Make a point of saying “I love you” to a family member. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or at least send a quick email. Drink one extra glass of water a day (for great tips on how to drink more water, see my other post here). Eat one extra piece of fruit or veg. Spend five minutes at the end of each working day congratulating yourself on all you’ve achieved that day. Take proper breaks. Get out and breathe the fresh air. At least once in your life, get up early and watch the sun rise.

Everyone’s priorities will be different, just as everyone’s life is different. Focus on what’s important to you, or a small goal you want to achieve, and start taking those first tentative steps. Are you ready? Fill your watering can.

If you start today, this time next week the lawn of your life will be that much more lush.



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