De-junking the junk drawer

Most people have a junk drawer. Me? I have a whole cupboard (or ‘press’, as we call it here in Ireland). Whenever my husband’s looking for anything, I inevitably end up replying “it’s in the press under the table”.

I did a bit of a clear-out of it just after Christmas, but it was still looking pretty messy and disorganised when I recently peeked in.


Quite the state of disarray. Luckily, my beloved IKEA came to the rescue in the form of this set of mini drawers from the MOPPE range.

MOPPE Mini chest of drawers IKEA Untreated wood; can be treated with oil or glazing paint for a personal touch and a more durable surface.

All I had to do was sort out all the small little bits and bobs that were handy to keep around, but not so handy to keep together. I came up with the following piles:

  • light sources (bulbs, torches, etc.) – these were quite bulky so took up the two bottom drawers;


  • batteries & plugs (we have WAY more batteries than this, I just have to go around the house and find them!);
  • basic DIY (measuring and levelling);


  • nails and screws; and
  • sticky stuff (sellotape and glue).


Obviously, there were a few bits and pieces that wouldn’t fit into the drawers, given that they’re quite small (width 15cm x depth 17cm x height 10cm per drawer, approximately). There were a few screwdrivers, pencils, etc. that were too long, so I used this empty box of washing tablets for those:


I’ve been finding these tubs very useful lately. I’m also currently using one to store medicines, and I think I’m going to use the one I’ve just recently finished to store the million pens and pencils I seem to accumulate!

Anyway, when everything was stashed away neatly, I popped the boxes back into the press, along with the drill and box of drill bits. Here’s how lovely and organised it looked afterwards:


Not bad, even if I do say so myself. 🙂 Admittedly, it all still looks a bit bland, but the next plan is to remove the labels from the box of washing tablets so that I can clearly see the contents, and also to paint and label the drawer set. They had some beautifully painted ones in IKEA, and I was sorry I didn’t take a picture of them at the time because I can’t seem to find anything similar online. But that’s all for another day! My main focus for now is just finding a home for everything. I can worry about how pretty the home is later. 😉

The MOPPE drawer unit is great, and I can think of a million different uses it could have. For instance, it would be great for organising different threads, spices, crayons, tea lights… Pretty much anything small and fiddly. The only downside I’ve found to it is that, being wooden and untreated, the drawers don’t exactly glide out. I’m hoping to solve that by running a wax candle along the edges, or something similar. (Suggestions?)

At this stage, I’m sure some of you are wondering what happened to the other shelf of stuff that was there. Well, it’s a little more organised, but not enough to be shown… yet! That’s another little project that’s on the list!

What does your “junk drawer” look like? And is it, like mine, more than just a drawer?


3 comments on “De-junking the junk drawer

  1. Very nice! I have seen those Ikea containers painted and then they also turn the drawers around and put cute little drawer pulls on them!

    • Love the idea of drawer pulls. Will definitely look into that! And I’ve searched online for some painted ones – some good inspiration out there. Another project for another day. 🙂

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