Clean your living room… AND your lungs!

I’ve read a lot about the benefits of keeping a clean and tidy home, such as:

  • Less stress (particularly when visitors drop by unannounced or with very little notice);

  • A sense of calm and order;

  • Less time wasted looking for lost items;

  • Less money spent replacing lost/broken items, or buying something only to discover you already have one tucked away somewhere;

  • Fewer accidents from tripping over clutter, etc.;…

Yes, the benefits are many, but here’s one you may not have even thought of:

Your health!

Seen as a picture tells a thousand words, here’s what I discovered over the weekend while cleaning the floors:

Under couch

Not a pretty sight! I regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum the floors in our home, but I never move furniture to do so. But, being on maternity leave and, thus, having a lot of time on my hands, I decided to have a go at cleaning under the couch. And, as you can see, it was long overdue!

I had absolutely no idea it was so bad, particularly when the rest of my floors are usually quite clean. But what horrified me more than the sight itself was the fact that I’ve clearly been breathing in all that dust and dirt over the past… oh, YEAR AND A HALF. As someone who has suffered several lung infections, I can tell you that the idea of having clean, breathable air never strays far from my mind, so this really was a big wake-up call for me.

Added to that is the fact that I’m now nine months pregnant. The idea of my baby breathing in all that nastiness, especially seen as babies spend so much time a lot closer to the ground than us adults… Well, let’s just say I won’t be leaving it so long before cleaning under the couch again.

With asthma and other respiratory problems on the rise, this is one area you can’t afford to let slip. So, for the sake of your health, and the health of your family, move one piece of furniture today (get help if it’s heavy) and get rid of all that lung-clogging grime. And, while you’re at it, plan a short trip to an unpolluted area where you can spend time getting some exercise, enjoying the wonders of nature, and taking some deep breaths of fresh air.




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